A Smart Cloud Based HRM Platform for New Way of Working

Modernize your HR. Manage your employee and HR workflows in one place.

All-In-One Platform

“Simplify HR tasks with our all-in-one platform. Manage attendance, leave, and claims seamlessly in a user-friendly interface. Elevate efficiency and empower your team with streamlined workforce management.”

Attendance Management

Real-time tracking, mobile clock-in, and comprehensive reporting for a seamless experience.

Leave Management

Experience efficient leave management with Ms. Winkly, where submitting, tracking and managing leave requests becomes easy and digital.

Claims Management

Ms. Winkly streamlines claims management, providing users with a user-friendly platform for efficient and easy processing.

Task Management

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Asset Management

A centralized and efficient solution for organizing and monitoring all your company's assets.

Payroll System

Offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for seamless and efficient payroll processes.

Simplifies & Digitalise
The Attendance

The Clock In System within Ms. Winkly revolutionizes how employees manage their attendance. With this feature, employees can easily record their working hours and ensure accurate timekeeping.

We Takes Care of Paperwork,
You Drive Your Business!

Ms. Winkly transforms your company’s HRMS, streamlining processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

Time Efficiency

Streamline HR processes, save time and reduce administrative work.

Positive Work Environment

Clock-in reminders and efficient leave management contribute to a positive work environment.v

Mobile Accessibility

Employees may submit leave requests and manage HR tasks with mobile devices.

Adaptable to Growth

Ms. Winkly scales seamlessly from small startups to large enterprises, adapting to evolving organizational needs.

Plans & Pricing


Basic Feature for Small Teams

Free includes:


per user, billed monthly


Essential Features for Growing Teams

Everything in Free, plus:


per user, billed monthly


Comprehensive HR Management

Everything in Standard, plus:


per user, billed monthly

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