Tasks Made Easy

Slide to Check In

Experience real-time location tracking for driving tasks. Employees can check in and check out from their current location, providing accurate data from the starting point to the end point of their journey.

Multiple Checkpoints

Ms. Winkly supports multiple location checkpoints, adding flexibility to task management. Set and track various checkpoints to ensure a smooth and monitored journey.

Mileage Claims

Ms. Winkly automates the mileage claims process, making it a breeze for employees to submit and for managers to approve.

We Takes Care of Paperwork,
You Drive Your Business!

Ms. Winkly transforms your company’s HRMS, streamlining processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

Time Efficiency

Streamline HR processes, save time and reduce administrative work.

Positive Work Environment

Clock-in reminders and efficient leave management contribute to a positive work environment.v

Mobile Accessibility

Employees may submit leave requests and manage HR tasks with mobile devices.

Adaptable to Growth

Ms. Winkly scales seamlessly from small startups to large enterprises, adapting to evolving organizational needs.